COVID “vaccine” contains Nazi nanobots!!!

Is the so-called COVID-19 “vaccine” actually a Nazi conspiracy to contaminate red-blooded Americans with alien nanobots? That’s what renowned researcher Otto von Angstreich tells in an exclusive interview.

Formerly a top official with the super-secret Federal Antigen Research Taskforce, von Angstreich has blown the cover on how “ex”-Nazis working in the biowar program at the Pentagon’s Fort Detrick laboratory have infiltrated and co-opted so-called “vaccine” development efforts. Their secret agenda is to implant American blood with pre-programmed bots that will use “hammer and sickle” nano-tech to break the blood-brain barrier, penetrate the cerebral cortex, and re-arrange the cells of the frontal lobe to turn our youth into salivating socialist ideologues.

“It’s beyond brain-washing,” von Angstreich tells “That was so 20th-century. This is direct manipulation of the brain at the sub-cellular level to create a nation of socialist automatons incapable of free thought. And it’s being done to children as young as five!”

Von Angstreich says that the supposed COVID-19 virus is a hoax that was created to enable this “vaccine” scheme. He notes that the Jewish press has rushed to the defense of professional scare-mongers Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, and says this is evidence that the same all-powerful Zionist cabal that was behind Hitler is now behind the COVID-19 panic. “They are using different means to achieve the same end—a worldwide socialist state!”

Von Angstreich warns Americans not to get taken in, and explains how we can actually protect ourselves. “By maintaining a strict diet of bean sprouts, spirulina and apple-cider vinegar, with large daily supplements of colloidal silver, you can stay perfectly healthy even if you contract the virus, and in fact it will make you stronger. Contrary to what you’ve been told, we should actually welcome the virus! It is a gift from Nature that is weeding out the weaklings and purging our gene pool of inferior specimens. You are responsible for your own health, through clean living and good breeding. Anyone who dies of COVID was just a useless eater and degenerate who deserved death anyway. The real threat is not the virus, but the vaccine!”

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