Svensenbanken Regal - Conspiracy or Beer Bash?

At a nondescript hotel in the English Midlands, a group of bankers, entertainers and politicians get together for an innocent three days of seminars and cocktail hours. The date: September 6, 2008. A coincidence? Perhaps, but the story grows far more sinister as it is examined.

The Sevensen Regal is a bi-yearly Sevensenbanken corporate retreat where the global officers of the Sevensenbanken and members of the political and financial elites get together at a different high-end resort. An unofficial occurrance in the late 19th century, the first official Regal was Christmas 1907 after the death of King Oscar II. In the 20th century attendees have included Marion Barry, Bob Dole, Thomas Edison, Calvin Coolidge, Mae West, John von Neumann, Johnny Hodges, John Lennon, Johnny Carson, Ronald Reagan while president of SAG, Sam Walton, Alan Greenspan, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Timothy Geitner, Bill Gates and Mr T.

Gambling, Strippers and World Domination

Officially it is a low-key business conference held in anonymous hotels, and rumors have been planted about the usual level of businessmen's debauchery. But in reality, decisions are being made about the world's economy and political structure. Behind closed doors these puppet-masters pull the strings of the world's secret police networks.

Where will the Regal be held next year? Watch this website.

Dr. McGlynn

the one of three men (ones a broad) shown is jack bruce and not the nobody french friy* eric clapton.
the black guy is ginger baker and is norwegian (a nuclear power like canada).
french forces are only in new jersey, where they should be.

get your facts straight or get out.

*correct spelling in the 1999 Readers Digest Dictionary.

Mr. Robert James McGlynn, 47 years of college with a degree in adultery