Groznia: struggle for coltanite reveals globe-spanning web of intrigue

The ongoing separatist revolt in the Central Asian enclave of Groznia has been popularly portrayed as a struggle between local warlord Aslan Gulbuddin Khan and a French elite expeditionary force which was mobilized to the remote region three years ago to back up the central government forces. As is well known, the central government in Bashkent has given generous concessions to French mineral-water interests to exploit Groznia's pristine mountain aquifers--elbowing out Coca-Cola, which had sought to exploit Groznia's waters for a local bottling plant. This has led to widespread theorizing that Gulbuddin Khan was being secretly backed by Coca-Cola and the CIA, in a Bush/Cheney covert op against "Old Europe" economic interests in Central Asia. But the war has outlasted changes of administration in Washington and Paris alike. Now, veteran intelligence analyst Dr. James Brent reveals in an exclusive interview with New York's WBAI Radio that a struggle for the rare and strategic mineral coltanite is really behind the Groznian war--opening a window on a complex web of intrigue and conspiracy.

Dr. Brent, a former Air Force associate, has procured evidence that a little-known powerhouse of European finance, the Svensenbanken of Goteborg, has been investing heavily in Coca-Cola--and in Strategic Air Supply, one of several "shell companies" identified as CIA arms conduits to Gulbuddin Khan. The Svensenbanken has also invested heavily in coltanite interests just as human rights groups are warning of "blood coltanite" originating in illegal Groznian mines run by the rebels. In fact, Groznia is believed to have the world's largest coltanite reserves. Completing the puzzle, Dr. Brent has also traced to Sweden nuclear materials that Gulbuddin Khan's network was purportedly trafficking to South America.

Connecting the dots, Dr. Brent says the war in Groznia "is a false flag operation to justify NATO intervention so the Swedish banking elite can corner the market in coltanite." Dr. Brent told WBAI in the exclusive interview this Wednesday that massive NATO intervention in Groznia can be expected before the year is out.

Gothenburg's Groznian connection--to Antarctica

Furthermore, Dr. Brent dismissed as a "cover story" that the coltanite is used in "Svensen terminals" for Scandinavian stock traders. In fact, this coveted mineral is being used in secretive Swedish military experiments in Antarctica, with global implications.

In conjunction with Israeli hi-tech firms linked to the Mossad, Sweden's military has established an Antarctic base where experimental craft are being tested, using coltanite in a new class of "behaviorological weapons." Dr. Brent describes the craft as "a circular aerial vehicle developed by some firms in Tel Aviv with Swedish electronics interests. They've been spotted from time to time, but of course the world's governments deny everything."

Swedish and Israeli scientists have discovered a special, previously unknown property of coltanite. "Coltanite emits waves that oscillate with the human cortical system," Dr. Brent explains. "The device they've developed can implant or erase memories, and seize control of autonomous muscular functions. And it is potentially operable from an orbital distance. So the craft are just a step towards a much larger agenda."

The link between the Svensenbanken and the elite echelons of the Swedish military is the Secret Order of Svensen, a major behind-the-scenes player in European politics dating back centuries. The SOS is well ensconced among both the gnomes of Gothenburg and the high command in Stockholm.

Interestingly, the SOS has secret operations in both polar regions. Says Dr. Brent: "Most Americans aren't aware that Swedish military technicians are operating on US soil in Alaska, with the acquiescence of our own government!" These technicians, hidden in a remote valley of the Brooks Range, are building the so-called Geo-polar Orphic Resonance Project (GORP). This supposed "experiment" will actually create a globe-spanning Orphic Resonance field which will serve to disperse the behaviorological waves from the Antarctic base (and, eventually, behaviorological satellites) all over the world. And this is being done with the approval of the Pentagon's "black budget" program. "This is the treasonous state of affairs into which our cowardly, illegitimate leaders have betrayed us," says Dr. Brent. "If only Americans knew!"

"Then there are the transparent claims that the Groznian warlords are trading in pirated Soviet nuclear materials," Dr. Brent continues. "In fact, those materials came from Swedish intelligence and their Mossad puppets. Its all part of their scheme to create a 'proliferation panic' and justify placing all nuclear weapons on earth under the control of the (Swedish-controlled) United Nations. Once this is achieved, nothing will stand in the way of their insidious designs! Time is running out!"

Col. Coopwell Unveils Svensen Agenda

In addition to his own research, Dr. Brent says he owes a huge debt of gratitude to an inside source who has risked his life to get out the truth—former Air Force Col. Fletcher Coopwell.

"I became aware of this sinister agenda thanks to the courageous efforts of the one true American who is not afraid to break the veil of official silence," says Dr. Brent. "He is struggling to bring the whole vast web of conspiracy to light--despite having taken strict oaths of secrecy." Dr. Brent says Col. Coopwell had top-level security clearance as an operative of a little-known but very powerful agency, the Federal Atomic Regulatory Taskforce. His work with the Taskforce--which tracks the trade in uranium, coltanite and other strategic minerals around the globe--was so sensitive, that the federal government will today not acknowledge that Col. Coopwell ever even existed. Conveniently, many of his notes and files were destroyed in the collapse of World Trade Center 7 on 9-11.

Dr. Brent, who booked personal flights for Col. Coopwell when he worked as a travel agent in Los Angeles in the 1980s, has procured a copy of the colonel's suppressed book, The Secret History of the Svensenbanken, which will be shortly published on the Internet. Col. Coopwell himself has been forced into hiding by threats on his life. Dr. Brent says he is in touch with him, but cannot reveal his whereabouts.

Gothenburg's Grand Design

The SOS design stretches back into antiquity. An offshoot of the Teutonic Knights formally founded in 1757, the SOS has been a hidden hand in European and world politics--and was particularly instrumental in establishing the state of Israel. Says Dr. Brent: "The Svensenbankers were rivals with the Rothschilds, but they also collaborated. It is a little known fact that Baron von Rothschild gave [Zionist founder Theodore] Herzl his initial down-payment due to the intervention of the Svensenbank. They were able to manipulate him through certain issues which were at stake in the American commodities markets. The Svensenbank then served as a holding company for the Zionist authority in the '20s. Sweden was neutral in World War II, and the Svensenbankers played both sides, like the Swiss."

The SOS agenda is laid bare in a document that few people on earth have read, the Methodologies of the Svensen Elders, written in Gothenburg in 1872 as a "manual for puppeteers." Explains Dr. Brent: "It spells out the strategy for a militarized Jewish state, which they've financed since Herzl, playing the superpowers off against each other through their cover of 'neutrality.'"

The hidden hand of the SOS pops up in some unlikely places, according to Dr. Brent. "It amazes me that people believe that cover story about Roald Amundsen being this innocent Norwegian explorer," he says. "He was actually Swedish (Norway was ruled by Sweden then, you know) and was sent down there on a special mission to scout out a site for the secret base. It was all planned even back then--World War II, the creation of Israel as a secret Swedish puppet state, setting up Mossad as a surrogate force for the SOS."

Dr. Brent says Swedish propaganda continues to veil the real interests of the SOS--especially all the money Sweden pours in to international environmental groups. "Today people believe that the Antarctic ozone hole is caused by hairspray," Dr. Brent marvels. "You have to be crazy to believe that. We all know that Swedish technicians are sucking the ozone out of the atmosphere down there as part of the SOS design to overrule the sovereignty of every nation on earth through 'environmental' treaties and a nuclear-armed United Nations! The 'ozone hole,' like 'global warming' is another false flag operation."

"Invented Nationality"

Dr. Brent denies charges of racism. "Of course I have to make clear that I don't have anything against Swedes per se," he says. "The problem isn't the Swedes. The problem is just 'Swedishness,' which is a political program. In fact, the Swedes don't even really exist. They are an invented nationality."

Contrary to the official history that Sweden ceded Gotland to the Teutonic Knights in the 14th century in return for protection from pirates, this was actually when a select group within the Knights established "Sweden" as a private fief from what had up to that point been the kingdom of Denmark. The so-called Swedish "kings" actually ruled at the behest of this select group, which in 1757 finally broke from the Teutonic Knights and incorporated as the SOS. In 1986, "Swedish" Prime Minister Olof Palme was assassinated after he threatened to reveal the existence of the SOS.

Dr. Brent says he cannot yet reveal tantalizing evidence he has uncovered that Charles XII, Sweden's famous "boy king" who challenged Peter the Great for mastery over Europe, was the first in a line of breeding experiments, through which a "gray" or "ichthyoid" bloodline was introduced into the Continent's royal families.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Brent has also discovered Svensenbanken designs behind the recent world financial crash. "I'm not going to say the Svensenbank invented the credit default swap," he says. "But they saw it unfolding, and may have pushed it over the cliff. Lehman Brothers was set up to be the fall guy by the European banks, and if you trace who is behind them you'll find a lot of Svensenbank connections."

Dr. Brent also believes those who were assigned with watching the shop may have been themselves co-opted. "Robert Rubin had attended Svensenbank retreats in the '90s," he says. Nor, alas, does much seem to have changed with the new administration. "This so-called bailout was just a means for the SOS to gain control of the American economy. The same as the stimulus package. Geithner is a Svensenbanker. They are everywhere."

Rubin steps in.

Did you see Rubin has recnetly been in contact with the Russians who have refused to boost the Coltanite up to Hubble?

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