From ABBA to Eurovision - Pop Music and Subliminal Swedish Mind Control

"Norwegian" Alexander Rybak made history at the recent Eurovision Song Contest with his landslide victory, the world media crowing over his homespun, folksy sound. Few have noted the dark side to this ominous development. Conspiracy researcher Dr. James Brent points out the quiet role of the powerful Svensenbanken of Göteborg in funding the Eurovision contest and the young Rybak's recording career. Dr. Brent's research unveils the ups and downs of Europop for the past generation as the bitter fruit of behind-the-scenes intrigues by the secret puppet-masters that rule this financial empire--and their design to bring every government on earth to its knees.

According to Dr. Brent's findings, the supposed "Rybak" is the latest pawn in a longtime uber-scheme by the top echelons of the Swedish financial-intelligence complex to use implanted media messages to weaken the will of the Continent's (and the world's) populace to resist their agenda. This agenda is nothing less than to undermine and subvert the sovereignty of every European nation--and ultimately every country on earth, including America.

"For starters, we have to dismiss the fiction that Rybak is Norwegian," says Dr. Brent. "There really is no Norwegian nationality."

Dr. Brent points out that Norway was ruled by Sweden from 1814 to 1905, and for 500 years before that was part of a "Kalmar Union" with Sweden and Denmark. This union was overseen by the Secret Order of Svensen, the little-known but all-powerful offshoot of the Teutonic Knights--especially following the so-called independence of "Sweden" in 1521. The SOS, which controlled the "Swedish" throne, quickly became the real power behind the other Scandinavian states as well. This situation still obtains today, and many supposed "Danes" and "Norwegians" in public life are secret SOS plants and agents. Rybak is no exception.

Nor was Björn Ulvaeus-ABBA frontman, "birthright" Swede and 7th Ring SOS initiate. ABBA was established in 1970 as the ultimate weapon of the conspiracy, with subliminal mind-control messages implanted in nearly every one of the super-group's long line of mega-hits. For instance, the phrase "young and sweet, only seventeen" in the 1976 smash "Dancing Queen" when played backwards reveals the sobriquet "obeisance, ichthyoid Teutonic masters"!

America's own Central Intelligence Agency was co-opted in this intrigue, with bureaucrats from the agency's Eastern Establishment Wing treasonously granting Swedish agents access to MK-ULTRA experiments.

However, drunk on the rock'n'roll fast life and infected by the lax hippie mentality of the '70s, ABBA began to stray from its clandestine mission and the SOS began to lose control of its creation. Dr. Brent calls ABBA's atrocious latter hits "a Sevensenbanken/CIA mind-control experiment gone wrong."

Ulvaeus broke with the conspiracy entirely in 1986, leading to the dissolution of the group-the same year, not coincidentally, that Swedish "Prime Minister" Olof Palme was assassinated. This was part of a coordinated revolt in which a younger generation of high-placed SOS initiates-led by Palme and including Ulvaeus-threatened to go public with the Order's grand design. Since Palme's death, Ulvaeus has held his tongue. But the mind-control program was over—until Alexander Rybak.

The so-called "Alexander Rybak" is the SOS counter-attack--a personality groomed from birth for the moment we just witnessed at Eurovision. Born in that same critical year of 1986, he was absconded from Minsk to Norway at the age of four to be closely shaped and manipulated by Swedish intelligence. A close listen at reduced speed to his seemingly innocent winner "Fairytale" reveals such hidden messages as "Hail Northmen overlords" and "Turn me on, Northman."

Dr. Brent's research reveals that this conspiracy has been long in the making. "Rybak is of supposed Belarussian origin," he says. "But Belarussia was established by the Vikings in the tenth century, and was overrun by the Teutonic Knights two centuries later. Their secret society networks survive to this day, and have been co-opted by the SOS. Rybak was born into the White Russian branch of the Secret Order of Svensen."

More than that, Belarussia's co-opted families served as guinea pigs in centuries-long SOS breeding experiments, in which an ichthyoid or "fishy" genetic strain was inserted into certain lines. That the Rybaks are a key ichthyoid line is revealed in the etymology of the family name, which means fish-monger.

When this ichthyoid bloodline was finally perfected on the White Russian experimentees in the eighteenth century, it was inserted into Charles XII, Sweden's famous "boy king," and from there into the great royal families of Europe--beginning with the other Kalmar Union nations. The odd smell of mouldering fish that emanates from the Scandinavian monarchs is the little-known origin of the phrase "rotten in Denmark." Dr. Brent dismisses reports of a supposed "reptilian" bloodline in Europe's royal families as an SOS "false flag" operation.